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LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb
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LED Colorful Disco Party Light Bulb

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Instantly turn your room into a dance club with a flip of a switch:

Step 1: Screw it into a standard lightbulb socket (any standard lamp or light fixture will do, sideways, upside down or facing up).

Step 2: Enjoy! 

This Super Cool Bulb works like Magic and gives you instant Party lights! The lights spin and are fun to dance to!

How it works

This bulb works great in place of a disco ball. Crystal-like plastic head automatically rotates with a tiny built-in motor. Bright, Colorful Vivid red blue and green sparkles move on your floor, walls or ceilings in cool patterns for mesmerizing effect. It will easily light up even a large room and give everyone excitement and wow!




- Liven up a night at home

- Any party: impromptu dance party, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s party, Birthday party, sweet 16 party, wedding

- New Years, Halloween, Christmas decoration - HUGE hit all year round

- Karaoke nights

- Use in your nightstand lamp, lay in bed and decompress from the day watching the lights on the ceiling. Very calming. (relaxing effect for bedtime) Chill

- Children playroom: kids LOVE it, play Just Dance with friends, sleepovers

- Fascinating for babies: Calm a fussy baby

- On your porch / outdoor movie night

- Add some romantic atmosphere to your bedroom

- Put in your finished basement or home bar

- Add a party mode for your bathroom

- Performance on stage, zumba class, home DJ night, club, show or concert

- Cats and Dogs love it too!


This rocks! Every home needs one! Amazing and verstile! Buy one for fun

Great deal: pay less online than your local party city store.

Free Shipping to US or Canada!



High Quality. Safe. Reliable. Energy-efficient in power consumption, does not need batteries!  Quiet, no noise.

Will NOT hurt your eyes, unlike lazer lights

110v or 220v compatible

Power draw: just 3W

9cm wide x 17cm long (3.5 x 6 inches)


Tips & Ideas

  • Bulb can become a talking point for the entire event. Everyone will want one. Buy a few more and give away to friends who really like them!
  • Give it as a Gift.
  • Bring along with you to a party you’re heading to
  • Combine with other lamps for a full blown party mode
  • Use with 12 foot white extension cord  if you don’t have a handy fixture


  • Fragile. Handle with CARE and it WILL LAST you for years
  • Don’t use where it can get WET (Not waterproof)
  • Can NOT be used in smaller NON-STANDARD light sockets
  • Doesn’t work in DIMMER light fixtures, only ON/OFF type
  • Make sure plastic dome screw is tightened before use, its SIMPLE
  • This lamp does not adjust to beat, still FUN to dance to!
  • For a very large room (think school cafeteria) you may need 2 or more

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